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Walks near Akaroa

Walks Near Akaroa

Banks Peninsula walks akaroa map

Many people come to Banks Peninsula to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the walks near Akaroa. With the Curry Reserve and Rod Donald Hut being added to the network of reserves and walking and hiking tracks there are even more options catering to a wide variety of abilities, fitness, interests and available time.

Weather and risks

When outdoors in New Zealand don’t take the weather for granted. If it is hot, sunburn and dehydration are risks. If it is cold, hypothermia can set in surprisingly quickly. On the skyline above Akaroa the scenery is breathtaking. The weather can change rapidly. It can get cold and sometimes foggy so check the forecast and take suitable clothing and water. Check what time it will get dark and how long each section of track is likely to take.

Hinewai Reserve
Hinewai Reserve sign for Summit
The track is part of Hinewai Reserve

On a gorgeous autumn day we tackled the Stony Peak track starting at the Brocheries Rd car park above Hinewai.

Hinewai Reserve Pacific Ocean from car park at Purple Peak
Hinewai Reserve from Brocheries Rd parking area

We started on a gentle track and took a left turn to the Taraterehu Track which is steep. It is the top part of #5 on this map.

Stony Peak from behind Purple Peak in the car parking area
Stony Peak from Brocheries Rd Purple Peak car park
Stony Bay Peak -Taraterehu

The view was the reward for the climb up the narrow Tara track. Someone with longer legs than mine had cut in some steps. While a challenge for those of us under 180cm and without the attributes of a certain marsupial from Australia they did help in the quest for the summit.

sitting on rocks on the top of Stony Peak looking across Akaroa Harbour
On top of Stony Peak Akaroa


Various fascinating rock formations added to the sense of awe created by this magnificent remainder of the volcano that once towered three times as high as the current summit.

Stony Peak Akaroa rock formations on the summit
a river of rocks on Stony Peak summit



red rocks at the top
red rocks
gorse on the tracks
Gorse on tracks

Heading down the other side towards Stony Bay Rd the gorse was an aggressive foe along the track edges. In places it was impossible to see the next step so care is needed. Gaiters are a good idea as are long trousers.

Paripai Shortcut
sign post at junction of summit, Paripai and Tara tracks.
Which way?

We completed the round trip via the Paripai Shortcut after a stop for a picnic lunch, a chat with some other walkers and a relaxed stroll back to the car.

track signs are plentiful and clear
There are plenty of signs on all the tracks

For the organised and energetic this track can be part of a loop from Akaroa or from The Heritage Park. See the map.

Go out independently any time of the year. Check to see if there are any restrictions on walks across farm land in the spring during lambing. Or join the Banks Peninsula Walking Festival for guided walks by experts on biology and botany, geology and volcanology , history and much more.