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Bucket List 2017

How is your 2017 Bucket List Looking? The bucket list 2017 how can I afford everything on my bucket list?  Is the bucket list an airy fairy idea of things you think you might like to do some magical day when the financial, health, physical, time and energy planets all align in your universe? Or is it a written down…

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Empty nesters

Empty Nesters Should empty nesters retire when the children leave home? I’m not talking about empty nester birds! It’s spring. Adult birds should be busy nest building, egg laying and chick feeding. I’m talking about people like us. The children are off travelling, working, playing and living independent lives and the parents are the “empty nesters”.  Unlike the birds we…

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Walks near Akaroa

Walks Near Akaroa Many people come to Banks Peninsula to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the walks near Akaroa. With the Curry Reserve and Rod Donald Hut being added to the network of reserves and walking and hiking tracks there are even more options catering to a wide variety of abilities, fitness, interests and available time. Weather and risks When…

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Women, hunting and fishing

Women, hunting and fishing.   Today I went shopping. This may be an activity enjoyed by many women. It is not something I usually enjoy however today I did get a laugh. A kind of “what the hell just happened, am I losing my mind or am I from another planet?” kind of laugh but a laugh nonetheless. Being a…

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What to do with Feijoas

What to do with Feijoas Growing and harvesting feijoas Most years we have an abundance of feijoas and we often ask ourselves (and Google) what to do with feijoas? They seem to be a “love it or hate it” kind of fruit. However, there are many different varieties that vary greatly in texture and flavour so try some different ones…

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Why did we start our business?

Why did we start our business? Working together from Day One Why did we start our business in tourism and hospitality? Ever since Richard and I married in 1984 we have worked together as a couple. We farmed through the political upheavals and restructuring of the 1980’s with interest rates at over 20% and a massive mortgage – well truth…

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What’s on in Akaroa in March

What’s on in Akaroa in March   What’s on in Akaroa in March Akaroa  has a lot happening in March – Seaweek Events, Le Race, A Cappella Workshop, Paddy’s Market, Orion Gallery Local Artists’ Exhibition and the usual range of extraordinary wildlife, scenery, wine, food, shopping, sightseeing and accommodation. Akaroa Seaweek Events 2016 27 February-6 March For the full list…

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Bullying, image, expectations and business. Bullying Kind of a strange topic for my blog you may think. All will be revealed. Bullying comes in many forms. Bullies are everywhere -work places, homes and families, business, online, face to face, in the media, schools- everywhere.  It’s easy to be quick to judge and to express opinions publicly and anonymously. What is the…

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Akaroa walk

Akaroa Walk on Waitangi Weekend On the Sunday of Waitangi Weekend we went for an Akaroa walk. Living in an area like Akaroa with an abundance of walks and natural beauty it is easy to overlook or put off doing some of the gentler walks. Waitangi Day celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.  Onuku Marae was the…

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Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees What do ten lambs, several hundred bees and eight hens have in common? This is no trick question. This is a story about the birds and bees that live at Matua Gardens Retreat. Many years ago in a past life we used to have several beehives. There seemed to be a reasonable number of bees around this area…

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